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Barney the Mini Dachshund

Dachshund Photographer Sydney
Mini Dachshund Photography

oooh my! Barney!

I met Barney when I was photographing Santa photos at the Illawarra Animal Hospital I loved him so much I even took a selfie with him that day :)

It is not shocking that I was extremely excited when Barney's mum contacted me for a mini session. I was like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for his arrival.

Boy, did Barney not disappoint! Those big flappy ears, deep brown eyes and stunning dappled colouring left me swooning and for a puppy, he is so well behaved and smart.

Barney's mum opted for a mini session, with the plan that when he is fully grown, we'll do another session to document his growth (which won't be much, being a miniature Dachschund lol)

Feast your eyes on the absolute stunning boy that is Barney.

Pet photographer sydney
Dappled Dachsund Puppy

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