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Greyhound photographer in Sydney

It's no secret that I adore Greyhounds. I love their quirky personalities, their long skinny legs and their expressive eyes that communicate what they want so effectively.

I am lucky enough to share my life with my own Greyhound, Moosie Moo (picture top on the pink background). She is my muse, my best buddy, my protector and my confidante.

I am also blessed to meet so many other Greyhounds, and occasionally photograph them in my studio. I love the variety of colours you can get, and how widely their personalities range. From over the top affectionate, to shy and quiet. There is a Greyhound type to suit any person and fit into their life as an oversized lap dog, just make sure you are willing to share your lounge and your bed with an oversized spaghetti legged cuddle monster!

I am always super excited when a Greyhound is booked in for a studio photoshoot with me. You can book knowing that I have a wealth of knowledge about the breed and am comfortable with their quirks and will always be able to get great photos of your Grey, no matter what their personality!

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