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Labradoodle Puppy Heaven

I was a little excited when Onyx's owners contacted me for a professional pet photoshoot of their sweet baby. Onyx is only 11 weeks old and is a Black Toy Poodle / Labrador... aka a Labradoodle. She is so small, so smart and so sweet. What an absolute dream to photograph!

Labradoodles are great dogs for people with allergies as they don't shed as much as regular coated dogs and they also have the pro of being incredibly intelligent due to their Poodle DNA. But they also have a super sweet and loving nature exactly what you'd imagine from a Labrador, so it's the best of both worlds. They come in all different sizes and colours, so there is a Labradoodle for everyone!

If you'd like your puppy photographed, you can check out my pricing here or get in touch via email me to ask any questions you may have.

A session that includes 3 digital photos is just $295!

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